What happens at the end of the 14-day trial?

After 14 days, the site will go into a reverse proxy mode and appropriate message on the multi-domain portal will be displayed asking you to upgrade. At this point, TAS will not continue to protect your sites. For continuous protection, you need to get a new license from Indusface and renew your license from profile portal.

How can the trial license code be converted to a production license code?

You will need to get a new license from Indusface and then go to the Profile page to upgrade/renew the license.

How do I renew/upgrade my license?

  1. Get a license key from Indusface. Once you have the license code, go to the multi-domain page and click on the profile icon on the right-hand top corner. There under the License info section, you will find the Renew/Upgrade button.

  2. Renew/Upgrade License pop-up will open, enter the key in New License Key text box and click Renew License.

Can I reuse the license code for different instances?

No, you cannot reuse your license code. Once it is used, for any new registration you will have to buy a new license code.

What are the licensing options?

TAS Premium is the only licensing options. There are different slabs available based on bandwidth required. The base package comes with support for 1 FQDN. Support for additional FQDN’s can be obtained as add-ons. Please reach out to Indusface team for additional information.

How can I obtain the license?

Distributers/VARS can request Trial/Subscription license from their respective Indusface Partner Manager. Others are requested to contact Indusface at to obtain the license.

How can I add a second website?

In All Sites - Health Summary page, you can find Add Website option.

Click here for further guidance on adding multiple websites. 

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