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How do I get the scan details of a specific website?

  • Click Dashboard tab on the left navigation plane. By default, All Sites option is selected in Web Applications drop-down.
  • Click Web Applications drop-down, click In Sites option and click to select a specific website.

What is Seal Status?

It is the visual status of the website security depending on how many scan services a website has passed.

If two or more scan types(MM, AA & VA) have medium or low vulnerabilities and no or less critical and high vulnerabilities, Seal Status is shown as green tick mark.

If two or more scan types have critical or high vulnerabilities and no or less medium and low vulnerabilities, Seal Status is shown in red cross symbol.

How to add a Website?

  • Click Add New Website option in the Settings tab and Add New Website pop up appears with scan services and license information. Click here for more information.

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