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How to download a report in CSV format?

The Widgets displaying reports have an icon to download in CSV format.

  • Click on  and download the CSV format of the reports.

What is Malware Monitoring(MM)?

Ongoing monitoring of malware attack vectors and sophistication of newly discovered malware that has been effectively used and deployed by hackers. Also detects dead or inactive malware by monitoring external JavaScript and hidden iframes placed on an application.

What is the Application Audit(AA)?

It is a scanner that scans an Application in the Application layer. AA section displays the results of our automated scan for reported vulnerabilities related to Application layer only and Manual Pen Test results also will be available in here.

What is Vulnerability Assessment(VA)?

This is a type of scan that runs in the Network layer of the application server and is totally automated. It gives results for Server related vulnerabilities, missing patches, common CVE issues, port specific vulnerabilities which are open at the application layer.

How to Add a Component? / What is Add Component? / How to add a widget of any specific category on the Home page? / What is Add Components drop down in the Home page used for?

Add Components option helps the user to add a Widget on the Home page to view different graphs for various scan statuses. The threats are classified as per severity defining with different colours. This is suggested as the scan details will be on the Home page with graphs giving the gist of the website security Status.

What does the arrow beside my vulnerability count mean in Summary page?

The arrow represents an increase or decrease in the vulnerability count from the previous scan. Cursor over the arrow, "count decreased/increased since last scan" information is displayed.

I have created a group but it is not displayed in Summary page, why?

Generally, the existing groups are displayed in summary page unless there is no website assigned to the group. In that case, no group available message is displayed.

Where can I check the scan status in my WAS portal? / Is my scan status viewed in every page?

The Scan Status option is displayed in Dashboard page and all three scan service pages i.e., Malware Monitoring(MM), Application Audit(AA), and Vulnerability Assessment(VA). Scan status data can be viewed from these pages only.

Can I view the scan data of a specific website or group for all the scan services?

Click Web Applications drop down, click In Sites option, and then click to select a specific website to view the attack details from the previous scan performed.

Similarly, attack details of a specific group can be displayed using Web Applications drop-down.

Where can I view and download the detailed summary report of a specific website?

There are two ways to view the details of Scan report of a specific website,

  • Click Details button in Sites option of Summary page to view the basic details of the scan details.
  • For detailed report of a specific count, click on the count

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