The Profile and Licensing Info

Profile page assists user details management and license information. The user can also add or renew a license by providing the valid license key.


  1. Click Edit to change the user profile details.

  2. Provide the updates in the respective boxes and click Save.




Provide the new username

Email Address

Provide email address to request Pen Testing to get POC if you requested the notifications

Contact number

Provide the updated contact number

Change Password

  1. Click Change Password to reset the password. Change Password pop-up appears.

  2. Enter the details and click Change to update the password.



Current Password

Enter your current password

New Password

Click and enter your new password.

Confirm Password

Click and re-enter the new password.

Daily Email Summary Report

Check the Daily Email Summary Report option to get the Summary report of the website. For example, website’s health status, vulnerabilities detected etc., in the form of email every day.

Add License

Click Add License to add a new license to your website.

Find more about License information and steps to add or renew a license.

Licensing Info

This option provides the details of each of the existing license like No. of Websites, Expiry Date, Bandwidth etc.,



No. of Websites

This column displays the total number of the websites under a specific license.

Currently Used Website

This option displays the number of the websites are currently being used.

Expiry Date

This option displays the date of the license expiry. The date is displayed in red colour if it is expired.

Peak Bandwidth

The total bandwidth of a specific license is displayed in this column.

Used Bandwidth

This column displays the bandwidth of consumed by the websites.

Your License Expired message is displayed above the license that's expired. Click Renew/Upgrade license link.

Renew/Upgrade License

  • Click Renew/ Upgrade link in License Info option. Renew License pop-up appears.

Click here for further steps.

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