The Profile and Licensing Info

Profile page assists user details management and license information. The user can also add or renew a license by providing the valid license key.


  1. Click Edit to change the user profile details.

  2. Provide the updates in the respective boxes and click Save.

Provide the new username
Email Address
Provide an email address 
Contact number
Provide your contact number.

Change Password

  1. Click Change Password in Profile and Licensing Info page. Change Password pop-up appears.

  2. Enter the details and click Change to update the password.

Current Password
Enter your current password
New Password
Click and enter your new password.
Confirm Password
Click and re-enter the new password.

Daily email summary report

This option helps a user with an email report of everyday scan summary which includes Website Health Status, Vulnerabilities Detected etc., to the registered email address.

  • Click Daily email summary report option to enable it and get a quick scan summary data regularly.

  • Add License

  • Click Add License to add a new license to your website.

  • Click here to find more on license information and steps to add or renew a license.

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