The Detect tab

The Detect tab provides an overview of the website scan and detected vulnerabilities detail. It facilities to initiate scans, to download scan report, to request pen-testing, to request POCs and Customs rules. The page attributes can be customized for the websites. A simple doughnut chart shows top five noticed vulnerabilities count and their percentage.

Detected Vulnerabilities

It shows a count of most recent detected vulnerabilities in the website scanning.

Vulnerability Categories

Doughnut chart displays blocked vulnerability categories with the count and percentage.


Vulnerabilities table displays the Severity of the vulnerability, Vulnerability category, whether the vulnerability protected or not and attacked URI.

  1. To request proof of concept of any vulnerability or to request custom rules for any unprotected vulnerability, check the respective vulnerabilities and then click Request POC or Request Custom Rules on top right side of the Vulnerabilities table.

 Scanning and Pen Testing

  1. Click Now in the Schedule Scan Now widget to initiate a scan.
  2. Click Request in Request Pen Testing widget, which looks for security weaknesses.

  3. Vulnerabilities detected in scanning can be viewed in the Web Application Scan summary widget that displays date, time of the completed scan and detected vulnerabilities count (Includes Critical, high, Medium, Low, and Info).

  4. Vulnerabilities detected in pen testing can be viewed in the Monitor tab.

  5. For a detailed analysis of vulnerabilities detected in pen testing, initiate scan along with pen testing and download scan report, which includes pen-testing results.

  6. To view preceding 10 scans vulnerability details, click Last Scan drop down and select one scanned date. Respective scan detected Vulnerabilities count will appear.

  7. For further analysis, click Download Scan Report to get a report with respective to selected scan date.
  8. Disable pop-up blocking to download the Band input and output values
    Follow these steps to disable the pop-ups in different browsers.
    Google Chrome  Click Download Scan Report, it will show the pop-up icon on the top right side of the window before bookmarks’ icon. Click Allow pop-up.
    Mozilla Firefox  Click Download Scan Report, it will display a message on the top of the window with an Options icon. Click Options to disable the pop-up to generate the reports.
    Opera Click Download Scan Report, it will show the pop-up icon on the top right side of the window before bookmarks’ icon. Click Allow pop-up.
  9. When you select an unconfigured website from Website drop down, it displays only Schedule Scan Now and Request Pen Testing as there is no authenticated scan performed.

  10. An error message is shown when you click Now to schedule a scan as there is no configuration for the specific website.

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