Settings page assist WAF setting management and configuration. Based on the analytics, a user can block or whitelist traffic to the website from  the requested IP Addresses and Countries. The user can add an exception by compiling a list of URIs considered safe to allow traffic from respective URI. 

  • Clickto navigate to the Settings page.

WAF Status

Select an option to define the functionality of WAF for your website and click Update.

  • Log and Block        -          WAF logs and blocks the attacks
  • Log Only                -           WAF logs the attacks
  • Disabled                -           WAF turned off
  • ByPass                 -           Traffic doesn't flow through the WAF

ByPass option in WAF Status is only availed for SaaS websites.

SSL Certificate

  1. Click Update to upload SSL Certificate.

  2. The Update SSL Certificate pop-up window appears, paste the certificates, provide Private Key Passphrase if the certificate has privacy setting and then click Update.

IPs Blacklisted

  • Clickto add IP address to drop the connection from that particular IP Address and click Save.

IPs Whitelisted

  • Clickto add IP addresses to allow the traffic from a specific IP Address and click Save.

Countries Blacklisted

  • Clickand select one country from the drop down to block the traffic from a specific country and click Save.

URIs Whitelisted

  • Click to add URI in the text box to allow the traffic from a specific URI and click Save.

  • Click Back to navigate back to the Summary page.

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