Filters and Download Reports


Indusface provides user-friendly searchable filters to track the information. For example, find the information of a specific website or attacks performed for a specific number of days or as per the type of attack by choosing from the respective filters.

Following are the type of filters:

  1. Click Websites drop down and click any website to view.

    To view All – Sites Health Summary page or to view particular website details, click Websites drop down, select All Sites – Health Summary or select the website.

    Note: Websites with no configuration will be visible, but there will be no information to display.

  2. Click Days drop down and select one from the list to view the details of the website from Today and last 1,7 or 30 days.

    Note:  Days drop down is not applicable for Detect tab.

  3. Click All Attack Types drop down box and select one attack type to view the details of the website for that particular attack.

    Note: All Attack Types drop down is applicable only for Protect tab.

    Download Reports

    1. It is the detailed summary report of various attacks on a selected website for a selected number of days. It also displays the last scan performed, health status, vulnerabilities detected, the severity of the blocked attacks, and more details about attacks on the website.

    2. Clickto download the summary report.

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