Add Website

Pre-requite:  Licence needs to be procured before adding a website.

All Sites Helath Summary page is displayed either by logging into the TAS portal as a default page or by clicking Indusface logo from anywhere from the portal.

  1. In All Sites - Health Summary page, click Add Website button.  Add Website pop-up page appears.

  2. Enter the details in respective fields and click Next.

    License Code
    Click Lincense Code drop down, click your choice of available lincenses.
    Domain Name
    Enter the domain name for the website to be added.
    Deployment Type
    Click Deployment Type drop down and click a deployment type.
    Forwarding IP Address/URL
    Enter the forwarding IP address/URL for the website.
    Scan Url
    It is prepopulated as per the domain details and can be modified if needed.
  3. Select any required protocols for Incoming – Outgoing WAF traffic and click Next. SSL Configuration Instructions page appears.
    We suggest you to go through our Deployment Modes for more details on deployment protocol combinations.
    1. If the deployment protocol for incoming traffic is HTTP, SSL certificates are not requested (step 3).
    2. If the deployment protocol for incoming traffic is HTTPS, SSL certificates are requested(step 3).

    Click Skip button before copying certificates into certificate fields as Skip button changes into Proceed button.
  4. By skipping the automatic updating of SSL certificates a user must perform manual SSL certificate updation to benefit TAS protection. Click here to know more about Manual SSL Certificate configuraton.

  5. Copy the certificates in the respective fields and click Next button. Sites Info page appears.

    Private Key Copy your private.pem file into a text editor for eg., Notepad and copy it to the Private Key field.
    Certificate Copy your cert.pem file into a text editor for eg., Notepad  and copy it to the Certificate field.
    Chain Certificate Copy your chain.pem file into a text editor for eg., Notepad  and copy it to the Chain Certificate field.
    Private Key Passphrase Enter the password for your private Key in this field.
  6. Click Submit button after going through the site summary details.

All Site - Health Summary page appears with the newly added website.

To know more about TAS portal functionality click here.

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