Total Application Security

What is Total Application Security?

Indusface Total Application Security (TAS) detects Application-layer vulnerabilities accurately with web application scanning (detect), patches them instantly with web application firewall (protect), and monitors traffic continuously for emerging threats and DDoS attacks, to mitigate them (monitor). Available as a fully managed security solution, TAS includes 24 X 7 security expert support to create custom rules, analyze and block attacks, maintain zero false positives, and report incidents in real-time.

What is TAS Portal? What can I do with TAS Portal?

TAS portal gives you security health overview of your applications with detailed information on enlisted websites like protection status, DDoS attacks, monitoring, security expert suggestions and furthermore you can:

  • View attacks and vulnerability details
  • Initiate On-demand scans
  • Whitelist and blacklist the rogue IPs and Countries
  • Request Proof of Concept
  • Request custom rules
  • Request Penetration Testing
  • Understand the value of monitoring by reviewing suspicious activity

Why do I require Indusface account?

The Indusface account allows you:

  1. To initiate scans and to understand existing vulnerabilities, their protection status and their impact on the business.

  2. To view attack details such as attacked URIs, IPs, and countries from where attacks originated and take control to block attacks.

  3. Seek help from the MSS team to request proof of exploitation of vulnerabilities, to create application-specific rules to protect complex vulnerabilities and DDoS attacks. Get maximum benefit from 24x7 Managed security services team.

Isn't an antivirus or a firewall good enough? If not, Why?

Anti-virus and network firewall are only effective against network-level attacks. Security giant Gartner reports that 70% of all web attacks happen at the application layer or the Layer-7. Neither an anti-virus nor the firewall can detect OWASP weaknesses and business logic vulnerabilities or block attacks.

If I typed wrong domain name/IP Address on Domain Registration page, how can I correct?

If you are yet to complete your registration process, then we recommend you to terminate the launched instance and to launch a new one.

  1. Login to AWS Marketplace console, click Instances page, select the launched instance.

  2. Click Actions and then select Terminate option.

Else in the Indusface Total Application Security – Web Application Firewall Status page, you can find the edit option to edit Domain name.

What is the purpose of having an Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) in a Single Node AWS?

The intent of maintaining an ELB in a Single Node AWS deployment is

  • One of the best practice for AWS.

  • Provides robust networking and security features (E.g. DDoS)

  • Monitors the health of the instance and ensures that it routes traffic only to healthy instances.

  • Creates a load balancer node in the Availability Zone, which routes the traffic to the healthy instances when Availability Zone becomes unavailable.

What are the acceptable formats of IP Address in the settings page of TAS Portal?

IP Address Format:

Normal IP address E.g.

IP address with CIDR E.g.


Classless inter-domain routing (CIDR) is a set of Internet protocol (IP) standards that are used to create unique identifiers for networks and individual devices.

Can I change the auto-generated password to my own?

Absolutely,  Click here to know how.

How do I add an email address to the TAS portal?

First-time users can update Email ID by logging into the portal.

To add an email address for existing users:

  1. Click icon.  Profile and Licensing Info page appears.

  2. Click Edit option. User data appears in editable way.

  3. Click Email ID option, enter updated Email ID and click Save button.

What can I do if I forgot my password?

  1. Click Click here link next to Forgot Password option. Reset Password option appears.

  2. Enter the Username, copy the text shown below and click Submit button. 

    A message is displayed as "An Email has been sent with your new password". Open your registered email ID and find the new password.

  3. Click Continue button to login to the TAS portal with username and new password.

  4. Enter the UsernamePassword and click Sign In button.

What is Daily email summary report?

It displays the brief summary of the website's health and the attacks found. By selecting the Daily email summary report, you will get an email report.

Where can I change my password?

  1. Click  icon.

  2. Click Change Password, provide the credentials and click Change.

Where can I update my credentials?

  1. Go to Profile and Licensing Info page and click Edit.

  2. Update the fields and click Save.

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