How can I see the list of blocked IPs and Countries?

Click Monitor tab, you can find a list of blocked IPs and countries.

What is Monitor Action Summary?

Whenever an action is performed on a website like changing WAF Status, Blacklisting Geo, Whitelisting IP etc., it will populate in Monitor Action Summary with Action TakenTime of Update and Details. Reference figure.

Action Taken: Displays Any update in the portal e.g., Updating WAF Status, Deleted from IP Whitelist etc.

Updated On: Displays the date and time of the action performed.

Details: Display details of action about what and who performed the action.

Where can I see Pen Testing results?

  1. Vulnerabilities detected in pen testing can be viewed in the Monitor tab.

  2. For the detailed analysis of vulnerabilities detected in pen testing, initiate scan along with pen testing and download scan report, which includes pen-testing results.

Where can I see custom rules created for my website?

In monitor tab, it shows the count of created Custom Rules for the website.

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