Total Application Security – Portal Registration

To get the maximum security for your websites, register with Indusface Web Application Firewall in the following way.

Click here link will guide to register with Indusface Web Application Firewall portal to get detailed insights on Detected Vulnerabilities, DDoS attacks, Application attacks and 24/7 security expert support.

Indusface Total Application Security - Signup page appears.

  • Provide the details and click REGISTER. Indusface TAS login page appears.

Provide your AWS Customer ID as username.
E.g. 123456789000011 (without hyphen)


It will prepopulate the launched instance ID as password.
E.g. i-123a4b56 0r
Note: The password will be asked to change once the registration is done.

By default, Username is AWS Customer ID and Password is AMI Instance ID. 

  • Provide Username, Password and click Sign In. Change Password page appears.
  • Provide the following details and click Change.
    Current Password

    Provide your current password i.e., AWS Instance ID.
    E.g. i-123a4b56

    New Password

    Create a new password

    Confirm Password Re-enter the password created

    Indusface Profile
    page appears with a success message i.e., Password changed Successfully.

    Upon closing the message, All Sites – Health Summary page appears, which serves as the entry point to the website.

    Update Email ID to complete your profile and get periodic reports on attacks on your websites.

All Sites- Health Summary

All Sites - Health Summary page will appear. It displays the Health status (How secure) of the website.

My Websites

All the websites present under specific license will appear in My Websites column.

Configuration Status

To change Configuration Status click on Routing Configuration Required link and follow the steps to perform routing.

If routing configuration is successful, the configuration status will turn Green.


Last Scan

  • Click Scan now to initiate a scan on your domain to detect the web application vulnerabilities, malware, and business logic flaws.
For the first time user, if a website contains authentication, you need to click Email Support if you want to perform an unauthenticated scan.
  • Click Continue if the website is unauthenticated, a Scan Request pop-up displays Scan has been initiated.

Once the scan is completed, the Last Scan displays the date and time of the scan in All Sites - Health Summary page.

License Expiry

The date and time when a license will be expired are displayed in License Expiry.

If the license is expired, Renew Now link is displayed below the expired date. Click Renew Now link to upgrade your license. Click here for more information.

You will get an alert email notification when your license is about to expire.


The Status column indicates the Health Status (how secure) of a website.

Gray – Indicates that assessment is pending (Initiate Scan).

Green – Indicates that assessment is pending (Initiate Scan).

Red – Indicates that assessment is pending (Initiate Scan).

Yellow – Indicates that assessment is pending (Initiate Scan).

Add Website

Prerequisite: License needs to be procured before adding a website.
  • Click Add Website button on All sites – health summary page.

Select the License code from the "License Code" drop down.

The License information is given below License code drop down.
  • Scan URL is populated same as the domain name of the website. It can be modified as per requirement.

  • Select appropriate Incoming – Outgoing WAF traffic combination and click Next.

A customer should use Password Less Certificate (while providing certificate details) for HTTPS configuration.

 If protocol combination is HTTP – HTTP, you will be forwarded to Summary page (Step 4) directly.

If protocol combination type has HTTPS, upload SSL certificates and Submit or skip by clicking Skip before entering the information.

To know more about the deployment combinations, refer Deployment Modes and follow the steps of selected deployment as per requirement.

If a customer select Skip, manual SSL Configuration Steps need to be done.

If SSL Configuration is skipped, Configuration status will be Red, unless the manual steps are completed.

Verify the summary of the newly added website and click on Submit to finish the process.

A Customer can modify the website details by clicking Back.

All Sites – Health Summary page will appear and the new website will be listed in My Websites column.

Perform SSL Configuration steps and Routing Steps. If the configuration is successful, Configuration Status will turn Green.

  • Click Scan now to initiate the scan on a new website. Scan your domain to detect the Web Application Vulnerabilities, Malware, and Business Logic Flaws.

For a detailed Portal tour, browse our TAS Portal Guides.

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