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An intuitive Digital Space Security Application, Indusface AppTrana Portal facilitates Web Application Scanning, Malware Monitoring, WAF, DDoS & 24*7 Monitoring. 

  • Click and directly go to free trail page.
  • Click Pricing & Sign Up button. Choose a Plan page appears.

  • Click SIGN UP button in the PREMIUM option to continue with the Premium PlanRegistration page opens.

  • Enter the user details, click the End User Agreement option and click Register button. Add Card details page appears.

Parameter Description
Your Name[Optional]Enter your name. This is an optional field.
Business E-MailEnter your valid business Email ID as it is manditary.
Company Name[Optional]Enter your comapny name in this field.
+18665378234 Enter your existing mobile number with the country code.
PasswordCreate a password preferably a strong one.
Confirm PasswordRe-enter the password to confirm it.
  • Click  Add Card button to add the card details. Card details pop up opens.

  • Enter the credit card details like Card numberExpiry DateCVC and then click Subscribe button.

  • With the successful credit card entry, Subscribe button changes into a green button with tick mark.

  • Click Proceed button to continue. Domain Details page appears.

  • Enter the valid domain name and click Proceed button. Configuration Details page appears.

IP address and Scan Url are prepopulated.

  • Click CDN and Require AppTrana scan behind login page buttons to activate and then click Proceed button. SSL Configuration Details page appears.

Click Back to navigate back to the previous step.

Choose SSL Configuration for your site has three options. They are:

Proceed With our free SSL Certificate:

By default, the first option is selected as the page opens.

  • Click Proceed button to continue with our free certificates.

    The "Onboarding..." progress bar is displayed.

The final Process Flow Chart displays the flow of the Indusface AppTrana security provided to a website.


I have my own SSL certificate

Select second option to upload your own certificates in the given fields and click Verify.

Click Back button to go back to the previous step.
Private KeyPaste the Private Key among the three certificates.
PublicProvide the public Key in this field.
ChainPaste the Chain certificate.
Private Key PassphraseProvide the password for the private key if any.
Confirm the Private Key PassphraseEnter the passphrase again to confirm.

The "Onboarding ..." progress bar is displayed

The final Process Flow Chart displays the flow of the Indusface AppTrana Security provided to a website.


I don't have SSL certificate. Please help me by one

This option helps a user with immediate protection with our LetsEncrypt Certificate, meanwhile Indusface Support team contact the user for further enquiry. 

  • Click third option to seek help from Indusface AppTrana team and click Proceed button.

    The "Onboarding ..." progress bar is displayed.

    The final Process Flow Chart displays the flow of the Indusface AppTrana Security provided for a website.

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