Basic Plan

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An intuitive Digital Space Security Application, Indusface AppTrana Portal facilitates Web Application Scanning, Malware Monitoring, WAF, DDoS & 24*7 Monitoring.

  • Click Pricing & Sign Up button. Choose a Plan page appears.
  • Click Start button of BASIC plan to continue with the Basic planRegistration page opens.
  • Enter the user details, check the agreement option and then click Register button. Domain Details page appears.

Email ID will be given in it's filed if you have entered it in Start Your Free Plan page.
Parameter Description
Your Name[Optional]Enter your name. This is an optional field.
Business E-MailEnter your valid Email ID.
Company Name[Optional]  Enter your comapny name in this field.
+18665378234 Enter your existing mobile number with the country code. 
Password    Create a password preferably a strong one.
Confirm PasswordRe-enter the password to confirm it.

An Error Message is displayed as User Agreement option is not selected. Select User Agreement to complete the registration.  Domain Details page appears.

  • Click Enter domain name option and enter your domain name and then click Proceed button. Authenticate your site page appears.

There are three options to Authenticate Your Site. By default, Validate through your email ID option is auto-selected.

To select Email ID as validation, your domain name should match with the Email ID. For example, if a domain name is, email ID must be

Validate through your email ID

  • Click on the Email ID field, enter email ID that matches your domain name and then click Send Email button. Verification  mail is sent. Please Verify!! message is displayed.
Click Back button to go back and change the domain name.
  • Check if the verification mail is sent.

The verification Email sent should be something like the following example.

  • Click on the link to validate.

Domain verified! message displayed in a new window or tab which means domain validation is successful. Close the window or tab.

  • Click Verify Email button, with successful validation the button will change to Proceed button.

    "Verification is done!!" message is displayed on the top.

  • Click Proceed button. Dashboard page appears.

The created domain is displayed with details. NA(Not Applicable) is displayed in Total Attacks and Status as the website is just onboarded. 

Upload a HTML file

  • Click Upload a HTML file option and instructions on HTML upload are displayed on the side.  Follow the step by step instructions.
  • Click Click to download link and a html file gets downloaded.
  • Upload the file to your website(domain) by placing the file in the web root folder.

  • Copy the html file in the server and copy the file name in the browser. With the successful copying of the html file, Apptrana is displayed on the page.

AppTrana is displayed with the successful file upload.

  • Click the test site link to check if upload is successful. Verification is done!! message is displayed and Verify button is changed into Proceed.
  • Click Proceed to finish up the onboarding process. Dashboard page appears.

NA(Not Applicable) is displayed in Total Attacks and Status as the website is just onboarded. 

Add A Meta Tag

  • Click Add A Meta Tag option and copy the meta tag given on the side.
  • Copy the meta tag from the text field in your server and then click Verify button. 

Verification done!! message is displayed on the top.

  •  Click Proceed button. Dashboard page with the new onboarded website appears.

NA(Not Applicable) is displayed in Total Attacks and Status as the website is just onboarded. As it is free plan only limited privileges are given.

To change plan from free plan to Premium or Advanceclick here.

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