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How many Virtual Interfaces can be supported?

Indusface On-premise solution can support any number of virtual hosts as per the requirement of solution.  The sizing for the WAF instances should be done right based on the throughput requirement to ensure no performance degradation

What type Logs are supported ?

WAF generates all types of logs like auditl logs, access logs, attack logs & system logs. These logs are periodically fetched by centralized portal which is used for analytics purpose. Access to these logs can be provided to customers.

Do you support SIEM integration?

Our logs are in standard log format  which any SIEM can process. For SIEM integration, we ensure that the logs are placed in the local folder as per customer need from where can fetch the SIEM logs and process as per their need. API’s for SIEM integration is part of upcoming feature.

How to troubleshoot?

Trouble shooting will be carried out by Indusface Support team. Access to the WAF machine should be given to Indusface team. Team would carry out various diagnostic activities from the WAF machine like Ping, traceroute, telnet, wget, nslookup to identify the problem.

Do you support connection pooling ?

Yes we do support connection pooling by default. Keep alive value of the connection can be configured at each virtual host level. Please contact Indusface Support to change the keep alive value.

Do your solution work only for application on certain framework or OS?

No our solution is framework/OS agnostic and would support applications on any framework/OS

What type of performance optimisation do you provide?

Our performance optimisation settings can be done at virtual host level. Customer can reach out to support to do any of the following

  • Enable Connection pooling for back-end requests
  • Enable Caching
  • Enable Compression
  • Enable Keep alive settings

SSL Configuration

The FAQs related to SSL configuration are given

Do you protect against SSL attacks ?

Customers can choose to configure application to listen to only using Secured protocol. In which case any SSL/TLS based attack can be avoided. Configuration can be done at virtual host level.

What Cipher Suites are used ?

Cipher suites are configured based on application need. While on-boarding a site, our team checks the configuration and make necessary changes to ensure required Ciphers are available in WAF.

Do you alert customers in case of Certificate expiry?

Certificate expiry date for each application is shown in the portal and customer is notified 15 days before expiry through email

Access Management

Do you support 2FA ?

Yes we do support 2FA. We use Google Authenticator as the second factor for authentication. Currently we have implemented it for Admin access for internal user and will be soon enabled for all customers.

Do you support Single – Sign on?

LDAP Server & Radius Server Authentication is in beta phase and is being tested out currently. This would be made available soon for all customers.

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